Someone Did A Speedrun of The Outer Worlds in Under 11 Minutes


YouTube creator and speedrun stud, Sharo, has done a speedrun of The Other Worlds in just 10:49. Speedrunners are a different breed of human and this is just another case of them doing mind blowing stuff. Sharo recently clocked in a run at 11:10 – and once you thought that was the world record, Sharo said nah – here’s one in under 11 minutes. I’ve talked with a bunch of people who are 10’s of HOURS into the game, and are loving every second of it. Some are actually calling it their game of the year.

And before you bitch and moan about speedrunning ruining the game, and not getting your money’s worth – it’s subjective when you talk about “getting your money’s worth”. You don’t know how many times people actually play through these games and explore and enjoy before seeing what they can do with speed. But, if you’re strictly a speed runner (which is a wild move in my opinion, but to each his own) – you can buy the game on Steam and return it if you’re within 2 weeks of purchase and have less than 2 hours played. There’s your con-artist hack of the day

Kinda wild to think that such a beautiful game that took years to make, can be beat in 10 minutes. GG

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