A Look At ‘Fog of Love’ AKA ‘Argue With Your Girlfriend Simulator 2018’

“Fog of Love” may sound like a VH1 reality show where a dozen contestants live inside a house and compete for the affection of a professional Vape cloud competitor, but it’s actually a board game that plays out like a romantic comedy.

In Fog of Love, players must new identities which are dictated by trait cards, and role play different “scenes” in order to build a love story unique to each playthrough. One person chooses the blue player, one chooses the pink player, both assign three secret “traits” and three public “features” for themselves, and off you go. Ideally, if you’re playing as the game is designed, you’re gonna wanna stick to your cards and play your character as genuinely as possible to get the full effect.


The combination of both outward and inward facing motives and quirks are there to compel the player to make decisions that aren’t likely ones they’d make themselves. This is essentially the rom-com version of Dungeons & Dragons, except instead of trying to hunt down some secret treasure, you’re hunting down a soulmate (or completely pushing them away – play your character bro).

I took one look at Fog of Love and thought to myself, “holy shit, I’m going to absolutely brawl with my girlfriend if we play this together”, like I can really see as getting at each other’s throats because my quirky baker wasn’t picking up on the obvious hints her scatterbrained butterfly collector was dropping (or maybe he did, who knows). Either way, I kinda need to play this.


The only thing that’s kind of a bummer here is that the game is only two players. If we had some sort of 6-player expansion we could make Fog of Love into the Love Actually tabletop RPG I never knew I needed. Dibs on being Hugh Grant.

If you wanna scoop up your own copy of Fog of Love, you can do so right here. And if the good folks at Hush Hush Games wanna throw your boy a copy, I would absolutely take this baby for a test drive and post the results. Seeing as I’m the only co-founder of Wicked Good Gaming with a healthy love life, maybe I can make Chris and Rob play against each other to help inspire them to fall in love this year. Prolly not though.

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