Diablo is Coming to Nintendo Switch (I Think)

As the name of the blog implies, We may very well be getting a port of Diablo for the Nintendo Switch. Blizzard tweeted a little video earlier this week, and the implications are pretty obvious:

Hey that’s a nice Diablo switch you got th-WAIT A MINUTE.

After passing out at my desk this morning after seeing this tease, I allowed myself to get full-on hype for a Nintendo Switch port of Diablo 3 (hopefully the Ultimate Evil Edition, the one with all the DLC). The ability to take Diablo 3 on the go sounds absolutely incredible, and I really hope that this is what Blizzard is hinting at with this tease. I mean, what else could it be?

The biggest question I’ve got from here is – what’s next? The Switch has been an unmitigated success with the triple-A, Mature-rated ports that it had last year, and if Blizzard’s bringing Diablo to Switch, maybe we’ll get to see ports of Starcraft 2, the new Warcraft III remaster, and even Hearthstone. The sky’s the limit, folks.

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