Fortnite Leaves PUBG In The DUST, Is Now The Most Watched Game on Twitch

Based of of SullyGnome’s data of the last 14 days, Fortnite streams on Twitch have been watched for an accumulated time of 4,882 years, 208 days. This put’s Fortnite as the new champion after taking out League of Legends’ who weighed in at 4,564 years and 190 days (chump numbers). But I would be remiss to not talk about the decline of Fortnite’s competitor, PUBG. PUBG has declined in views in the past three months going from 109,498 in December to 56,619 as of now. While Fortnite has increased 45,719 to 152,486

Those are some biggggg boyyyy numbers. Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Two Years… And oh yea, tack on another 208 days. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely chip in some decent hours watching Fortnite on Twitch. I like the game, and I play the game a decent amount, but I love the people that stream Fortnite. A few that stand out to me are CDNThe3rd, Ninja, HighDistortion, Dakotaz, Dr. Lupo, and I could keep going but I’ll save you all the boredom. I honestly watch them because they entertain me. And they’re all incredible at the game, and I’m trash.


Epic Games is doing things right. And I’m pumped to see the success that they are already achieving.  PUBG, how does Fornite’s ass look? (Sorry Rob)

When you’re not watching Fornite, or PUBG (because who watchs that game anyway?) You should watch Not Another Gaming Podcast every Thursday at 9PM Est.

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