Bizarre Teams up with Sex Doll Company to Create $375 Collectors Edition Game

Today, Playdead Developer announced that he would be teaming up with Real Doll to release a Collectors Edition for the game Inside, but refuse to tell the world what it comes with. The only things we do know is that the Collector’s Edition will come with a physical copy for PS4, and Steam codes for Inside, and Limbo. Inside Collector’s Edition is going to run you $375 as well as high shipping costs because “this edition weighs a surprising amount” according to the item description on iam8bit


So uhh, looks like I’m spending $375 plus shipping today. I don’t care about being one of the first with a Collection Edition of a game, nor do I care about Inside, or Limbo. But what I do care about it getting an absolute DEAL on a sex doll. Those bad boys aren’t cheap. I was at a sex shop a few months ago and there was a silicone ass for $499, and you’re telling me I could potentially get a full body for $375? Sign me up, I’ll take that chance. There has been some crazy releases of limited edition games over the years but nothing compares to this.

Real Doll, iam8bit and Playdead will not disclose much information at this time. Only that it might be what we think it is, or it might not. And  you should NOT order if it makes you anxious.

I’m ordering and I’m anxious. I won’t be able to sleep until I find out what’s so heavy that I’m going too have to pay an arm and a leg to have it shipped. Boy I can’t wait to brag to my family that I got a sex doll for only $375. Jokes on you Dad, I’m a entrepreneur.


Pre-Orders for Inside Collectors Edition goes live Thursday March 8, at 7AM PST and will be over on June 8th. Get our sex dolls today!!


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