Legendary Mario RPG Developer Chihiro Fujioka Wants His Final Project To Be Super Mario RPG 2

If you’ve paid attention to Wicked Good Gaming or Not Another Gaming Podcast for any amount of time, you probably know that my favorite game of all time is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES). Today, we may have been given the first glimmer of hope in decades that a sequel could – someday – become a reality.

In an interview with MinnMax, a Patreon-based gaming podcast, legendary Mario RPG series developer Chihiro Fujioka (who directed the original Super Mario RPG) spoke at length about his original vision for the title and the potential for a future sequel.

This entire interview is absolutely phenomenal, but in case you don’t have a moment to watch it all right now – I’m happy to sum it up. Fujioka says in the interview that he’d love his final game to be another Mario RPG title, but one that puts players exclusively in Mario’s overalls only once again. When asked if he had any story ideas in mind for a sequel to Super Mario RPG, he simply replied “That is a secret.”

There’s no telling if a sequel to Super Mario RPG is actually in the works, and I obviously will still harbor a healthy amount of skepticism since Nintendo loves to pretend that this game never existed – but hearing someone who was so instrumental in creating my favorite game of all time has given me a tiny glimmer of hope.

A man can dream, can’t he? That’s what the plot of Super Mario RPG was all about. So hey – let’s wish this into reality.

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