Marauders Fan Trailer Is Insane

Marauders is an upcoming hardcore FPS looter shooter with Escape from Tarkov mechanics BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE….in space. Take all of the solid inventory management, gunplay and looting mechanics from Tarkov then add in ships, breaching, and massive brawls on raider ships and you have Team 17’s, Marauders. The alpha is concluding this weekend so I wasn’t able to get anytime hands on, but our very own evetS went deep and has some incredible insight into how the game is shaping up. Not only that, but they also put together an incredible sizzle reel fan trailer because they enjoyed it so much.


Marauders looks like it could honestly be the first REAL competition to Escape from Tarkov. The beta for The Cycle: Frontier got some lukewarm reception and has really been the only other notable game in this hardcore looter shooter genre to mimic the functionality of Tarkov, except with aliens and a vibrant color scheme. Marauders is certainly scaled back to the darker more grim color pallet and more traditional weaponry. There is a high ceiling for Maruaders to be a fresher breath of air adjacent to Tarkov, but time will tell. I am looking forward to getting my toes wet during the next alpha/beta phase to get more info your way.

Marauder: Open Access on Fig

Make sure to go check out all of the incredible work Steve has done editing at this link here and stayed tuned for more Mauraders updates in the future.

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