Girlfriend Loses Her Shit On Her Boyfriend For Playing Fortnite With Pokimane

We all know if you play a video game with someone of the opposite sex, you guys are dating. I didn’t make the rules.. Seriously though, God forbid someone plays a video game with someone of the opposite sex. Poki, who always plays with viewers – decided to have a normal day and do just that. This is before the male she is playing with got forced to get off stream from his girlfriend. And it sounds like my man is getting beat with a keyboard? Maybe a magazine? I don’t know what it is. But he got hit with something. We don’t know the severity of the hit, and for all we know it could be playful hitting. But to be honest, it didn’t sound too playful. But, we’ll never actually know.

I would be single so quick. At the drop of a dime I would be packing her shit and tossing it onto the sidewalk. Doesn’t this sound fucking nuts? Playing video games with a female, and one that is a fucking celebrity at this point, you get THAT jealous that you make him stop playing with her? Grow up. You’re literally standing behind him, listening to everything. What damage can be happening? Unless he’s been spending the mortgage money on donations to Poki. Then this might just be fueling the fire.

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