The Rest of the Call of Duty League is Officially On Notice

Heart. Passion. Commitment. All core tenets of Boston Breach as an organization, and nobody has embodied those values like Oxygen Esports Content Director and Wicked Good Gaming Co-Founder Chris P. has just now.

Feast your eyes on the smoothest whip the world has ever seen.

Insanity. What is he doing? Does he know there’s civilians and innocent bystanders around? There’s representatives from Call of Duty’s pro and amateur scene alike here, and they’ve all been just put on notice.

Boston Breach currently sits in 5th for overall points in the Call of Duty league standings, and third in Major IV qualifying standings following their electrifying win over Toronto Ultra this weekend. After seeing something like this, I can’t imagine how the rest of the league wouldn’t just be completely demoralized, and the Breach roster galvanized. How do you defeat something like this? He’s too smooth, too committed, too athletic.

You may want to pray for the rest of the CDL after seeing something like this. I won’t, but you might want to.

Papa Dom

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