Steam Sniping Bounties Are The New Hottest Thing on the Internet

For as log as I can remember, stream snipers were a streamers worst enemy. Unable to peacefully play a game due to trolls tracking your every move. And of course, Ninja gets the brunt of it.

In a recent stream with Ninja and Reverse2k running duos, these two were stream sniped. Which one of Reveres2k’s subscribers let them know was part of a steam sniping Discord. Where the owners of the Discord put real life cash on streamer’s heads.

“The Discord owners put bounties on your head to kill you. It’s so stupid,” And you pay to get the Discord, so you pay $10 to get into the Discord and you might have a $100 bounty on Ninja. So then, they go stream snipe you and if they kill you they get $100.” – Reverse2k

h/t Fortnite Intel
h/t Fortnite Intel

The internet remains undefeated. This is some next level thinking and I truly wish I was enough of a brainiac to think of this shit. Fuck gambling on football, I’m going to gamble on stream sniping top streamers.

It’s all fun and games for those involved in the Discord, but it’s ruining streamers games and making a rather enjoyable job, pretty unenjoyable. It’s like being at your job, sitting behind your desk, with mosquitoes constantly flying around your head and biting you. It would make you want to jump off the roof. This is a pest Discord. And while it sounds funny from a distance, it’s annoying and uncalled for.

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