Tfue Will Be Opening a Warehouse to Incubate Aspiring Streamers

The final topic in an interview with the Washington Post, Tfue talked about how he bought a 16,000 square foot warehouse that would be used for him and his brother to create content. Also to teach others about the streaming world and action sports. Their Dad said “we just take Jack and Turner, put them in a building and show these kids how to do it. We’re gonna bring them in, and get them started. If you have two, three, five thousand followers, you have a chance!”

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There are tons of different incubator houses. From business ownership, coders and everything in between. But now we’re going to see one for streamers and content creators. It’s like having a content house, without having to have it be your main home. There are kids growing up that literally aspire to be streamers and YouTubers. Makes me think of how lame I was for wanting to be an Astronaut or Major League first baseman.

A genius income stream for Tfue. Because you know damn well kid’s parents are going to have to shell out an arm and a leg for this camp. Basketball camp? Nah. Band camp? No chance. But streamer camp? Write the check Ma.

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