Head Into The Weekend With The Moment That Birthed The Modern Esports Scene

It’s been a long week, you deserve some premium gas to propel you into the weekend.

No intro necessary because we all know what time it is, ladies and gentlemen… Evo Moment 37.

You can ask countless pros who have been around in the esports scene for a while, and I bet a good amount of them tell you that seeing this moment at some point in their lives influenced them to pursue a career in esports. No matter what games you play, watch, or compete in – there’s no denying that this is one of if not the definitive esports clip. So many people who haven’t even played a single round of Street Fighter in their lives can tell you what this is, and even our new Friend of the Program, professional commentator Dandro, knew what time it was as soon as we pulled it up on the podcast last night.

The craziest thing about this clip is that “Evo Moment 37” apparently doesn’t mean anything. When the tournament organizer was asked to create a promotional video featuring this clip, he opted to make up a number for the “moment” instead of just calling it “The Daigo Parry” so that people who had no idea who Daigo was or what a Parry is could still be curious about it and potentially enjoy it. Kind of a brilliant move now that Evo Moment 37 is embedded in so many gamers minds, like mine.

In any case, enjoy the weekend folks, crack a cold one for me while you’re at whatever you’re doing – and we’ll see you on the other side.

Papa Dom

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