Chris P Picks: CDL Week 3 Atlanta

2-0 so far.

Only one pick this week and it might be my pick of the season. I legitimately think this is the one. The one that I put the mortgage on, and walk away a very rich man. Might even quit my job after I win.*

*I do not guarantee this bet will win. But I am betting real life money on it. And after seeing the match up i’m about to tell you, you’ll know why.

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Atlanta FaZe winning over OpTic LA @ 3 o’clock EST

An absolute gimmie. I can’t believe websites give you the ability to bet on this. Atlanta is home, and is arguably the best team in the CDL all around. FaZe Clan will be coming out today to show their support, and I see this being a giant day for them.

And lets not forget that OpTic LA is a shell of a team and doesn’t reserve to be murmured in the same sentence as FaZe.

Of course Atlanta is heavily favored, but there is literally no way in hell that they lose. I’m willing risk big to win small on this one. It’s like Vegas is just giving out money today. It’s so nice of them. But I’m going -2.5 Atlanta. 3-0 FaZe. Enjoy your free money.

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