NBA Players Only 2K Tournament Coming to ESPN

Yahoo SportsThe NBA is planning a players-only NBA 2K tournament that will feature the league’s sharpest video gamers and it will be broadcast on ESPN, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The league hopes to launch the event Friday (April 3), with the 16-player tournament lasting 10 days and including Utah Jazz All-Star Donovan
Mitchell and four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins, among other big-name players, sources said.

Each team is also expected to have a 2K pro involved in some capacity.

Esports taking over part 202395523. First iRacing putting asses in virtual seats, and now the NBA. It’s only a matter of time until all traditional pros are involved in esports. I mean, if this whole coronavirus gets worse, we won’t have traditional sports for the whole year. Which is a fucking bummer, but what can you do. Fox/Fox Sports involved in esports with Madden, NASCAR iRacing, now ESPN with 2K. Who will be next?

If ESPN does this right, it will be a huge hit. And if that’s the case, watch how quick others start getting involved.

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