GhostRunner: Post Pax Impressions

Do you miss the original Mirror’s Edge? Just got a real hankering for some smooth fast paced movement in a fleshed out first person action game? First of all I would say go play TitanFall since that franchise already has 2 games out, but we do have something special for you this year. All In! Games went head first into the cyberpunk aesthetics in their upcoming game, GhostRunner. We demo’d the game on Saturday, and I was still recovering from Friday nights Acer Predator party, but from what I can remember you play as a newly awakened AI cyborg ninja. You are tasked with getting to the top of this prison state tower and you do so with smooth wall running, time manipulation and dashes. You combine these movement abilities with a 1 hit kill combat system similar to HotLine Miami and you have a fucking adrenaline fueled, fast paced, cyberpunk ninja game. If that didn’t sell you….let me try a little harder.

GhostRunner is as smooth as butter. You are basically moving through goon filled mini sandboxes, wall running, grappling and slide dashing cross every piece of the environment. The entire time having to track enemy whereabouts in order to dodge their shots while also needing to close the gap to jam that katana down their throats. GhostRunner’s gameplay felt fluid, and 1 shot kill system is implemented well with an immediate respawn at the start of that sandbox you just died in. This gives you the chance to reassess how you go about managing your way through the rooms dispatching enemies as you go. GhostRunner brought back the “one more try” and rewarding feelings that I love so much from the SoulsBorne games. Aesthetically, the game is gorgeous, bordering on AAA quality and the execution in performance easily matches it. GhostRunner is absolutely a game to keep your eyes on this year. Stay tuned for more Post PAX coverage and I will make sure to keep you all up to speed on more GhostRunner news.

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