Tyler1 Hits League of Legends Master Rank In Just Over A Week On His Support-Only Account

Tyler1 is the world’s most reformed League of Legends player, and is arguably the biggest Logitech G430 fan on the planet.

While he’s mainly known for his elite Draven play (he claims to be the best Draven in the world), Tyler1 has also set out to challenge himself by hitting League of Legends’ Challenger rank on every role the game has to offer. The last remaining rank to achieve is in the Support role, and he’s already very close.

Tyler1’s support-only account, COOKIEMONSTER123, officially holds the rank of Master. He’s on pace to smash his previous Challenger records, and will now have to go through some of the best League of Legends players in the world to continue his climb – as only 300 players can achieve the Challenger rank.

So how is he doing this? It’s too easy to just say “he’s really fucking good at League”, but I’m not nearly technical enough with the game yet to explain it all to you here either. Tyler1’s Support mains have been Nautilus and Karma, which are absolute monsters in the current state of the game and lend themselves well to Tyler1’s playstyle.

Will COOKIEMONSTER123 follow in the footsteps of S8 IS SO FUN, BUZZLIGHTYEAR99, HULKSMASH1337, T1 OK GOOD YES, and MAMMOTHMAN65? Only time will tell. Until then, let’s hear from the man himself.

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