BREAKING: You Don’t Have To Play Halo Infinite If You Don’t Like It

Halo Infinite’s Fall/Winter roadmap is here, and you know what that means: people are emotional!

Here’s what all the talk is about:

In short, we’ve got some good news, some bad news, and some straight up ugly news.

The Good: Forge mode is finally coming to Halo Infinite in November. We’ve also got new weapons, items, multiplayer modes, and a new approach to the player experience as laid out in their most recent dev update video.

The Bad: Split-screen co-op has been canceled entirely. Come November, Halo Infinite Season 2 will have lasted for ten months.

The Ugly: Pretty much the entire first year for Halo Infinite.

So yeah, not a lot of great news here – but the 343 team is issuing yet another massive mea culpa here and letting the community know that they know Halo Infinite has been a disappointment of biblical proportions. Steam Charts definitely don’t tell the whole story, but seeing just around 5,000 people playing the game when it peaked at over a quarter million (for one of the most iconic franchises of all time) should tell you enough.

The great news, my dear readers – is that you don’t need to play Halo Infinite if you don’t want to!

That’s right, kiddos! You don’t need to play, think about, or even discuss Halo Infinite if it makes you upset! You can just play something else!

Listen, I get it. I’m just as disappointed in Halo Infinite as you are. I mean it, honestly I do. But I got over it. I moved on. Do I still have Halo Infinite installed? Sure do. When Forge drops, I want to get my hands on it! When they inevitably figure out how to make an enjoyable, repayable, addicting new iteration of one of gaming’s most beloved, storied, and profitable franchises? I’m there, baby! When Microsoft (the fifth most profitable company on the planet) decides that they want to fund some sort of nuclear-powered AI hivemind that can crank out updates faster so that we don’t have to endure nearly year-long seasons for a live-service game? You bet your Mjolnir-armored ass I’m logging right the fuck in.

But until such a time comes, until Halo Infinite lives up to the potential we know it can achieve after being in active development for nearly a half decade (and counting)? I will not be talking about it. I will not be tweeting about it. I won’t even think about it. This blog is my “goodbye for now” letter to the game. Tere’s so many games out there that make me happy, and – for the first time in the franchise – Halo Infinite is currently not one of them. I implore all of you reading this to adopt this policy as well if you feel the same way.

Having said all this, I also urge all of you to watch the developer update from 343 that released this week, if only as a last attempt to understand their process before you journey into the vast expanse of billions of other games out there. Take one last look, then turn and walk away. Halo Infinite will be the game we want it to be, but it’s far from getting there any time soon.

You deserve a break, hero. Go play and discuss something else for a while. It’ll be okay, I promise.

Papa Dom

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