NFL Players Are Teaming Up With Top Content Creators For ‘Tuesday Night Gaming’

It’s football season once again, and you already know the vibes are through the roof already. Yes, this is partly due to the fact that I’m 1-0 in my big money fantasy league, but there’s just something about fall beers, wings, snacks, a crisp breeze floating through your window, and football on TV that sets the mood just perfectly.

The NFL is broadening it’s weekly slate of content this year, as it partners with Enthusiast Gaming all season long for “Tuesday Night Gaming”, which premiered last night.

Tuesday Night Gaming, or TNG, involves NFL players teaming up with top gaming creators on a weekly basis to face off in a variety of games, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Madden, FIFA, and more. TNG’s roster is already stacked, putting the likes of Nickmercs, Mizkif, and Aydan in the mix with Leonard Fournette, Desean Jackson, and Kendrick Bourne – among many others.

It should come as no surprise that numerous NFL players probably jumped at the chance to do this. We’ve been seeing reports of athletes signing with esports orgs, streaming on their own, and being more forthcoming with their love of gaming a lot more steadily in the last few years – and I personally love to see that the NFL is reaching new audiences through gaming that they might not have a chance to otherwise.

TNG goes live every Tuesday with a new episode on their YouTube channel, linked in the tweet above.

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