Alienware Revealed Handheld Gaming PC – The Concept UFO at CES 2020 – and it Looks Like the Switch Has Some Competition

The prototype for the Concept UFO was shown off at CES 2020. And it’s a PC, in a Nintendo Switch – if you follow that. Here’s the break down.

Alienware is known for their PC’s and Laptop, but now this? This is a game changer. A PC in the form of a two pound hand held device – that was inspired by the Switch. You can just boot up Steam on the Concept UFO – which runs Windows 10, and simply just play your existing games regardless of where you are. There hasn’t been any announcements on the specs, but I can only imagine that they’re going to be pretty solid coming from Alienware.

Holding a gaming pc in your hand definitely has it’s sacrifices and to me, a few concerns. The battery life has to be extremely short if you’re running a legit pc game on handheld, and this little handheld must get super hot and will need a ton of cooling. Not my problem to solve, and I’m sure it’s already being worked on in Alienware HQ, but it’s just the first things that pop into my head other than this is pretty fucking cool.

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