Twitch Streamer Gets Electrocuted For Donations. Now That’s Passion

Twitch is turning into the wild wild west and it’s making streamers have to get creative to secure a piece of the pie. We all know that these streamers use their own tactics to give viewers an incentive to subscribe or donate to their channels. You have your usual suspects, the guy doing push ups for every subscriber, the Just Chatting streamer putting your name on a chalk board, access to a Snapchat, or just the streamer who gets super duper excited and makes the supporter feel important. But, Twitch partner TheSushiDragon has brought things to the next level. For every donation he gets, whether money or bits, he got electrocuted live on stream by a device attached to his body.

The streamer is using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) which doesn’t put his body as risk but is definitely uncomfortable. Some people use TENS units to help with muscle pain. All and all, this goes against Twitch’s TOS which protects against self harm.

via TheSushiDragon

As someone who used to eat crayons for money in grade school.. I respect it, I really do. This man is willing to get electric shocks sent through his body in return for a little dough. I don’t see any issues with it. There are people doing a lot worse in real life and internet life for money – and if this guy wants to stream in discomfort for a few bits, or dollars.. all the power to him. TENS is not supposed to harm the body, but to me this video says other wise. There’s no way a full body jolt is good for you. His arm uncontrollably shoots up to his head whenever he gets shocked. It reminds me of the reflex test at the doctors when they tap your knee with that rubber triangle. Only in this case your whole body twitches and not just your leg. Willing to put it all on the line for his craft, talk about passion.

Now time to sit back and watch to see if he gets banned from Twitch.

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