Interviewer at CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Gives the Worst Interview of All Time

CSGO pro SuNny was getting interviewed at CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 and it was one of the most cringe worthy esports interviews I’ve ever seen. And this is coming from an industry that is notorious for cringe. The interview started off as a dumpster fire when both SuNny and the interviewer sat in silence due to a technical issue. The interviewer then tried to answer the question of who was on the new roster CS pro “Aleksib”.

After a very awkward attempt to name the three players on Aleksib’s team and with a little help from his colleagues, the interviewer was let in on a secret.. That CSGO teams have 5 players. And after another 30 second silence, SuNny then said “ok, good talk” before the interview burned to the ground and ended.

Warning: This is tough to watch

I mean… that’s tough. After a performance like that you really have to reconsider your career choice and or take off the next few months and really hone your craft and learn the game your covering. I can’t even fathom how nerve wracking it must be to get into an interview not knowing shit about what you’re talking about. The whole time just praying that the interviewee doesn’t check you on your knowledge. Some people learn by getting thrown into the fire, and fucking up, and this should be one of those situations because this interview will haunt the young man until forever. Yea, it was tough to watch. But I believe in you Mr. Interviewer, lets chalk this one up as nerves, and get em on the next one. Assuming you do get another opportunity.

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