Good-Guy Valve Releases Remote Play Together, Steam’s Newest Multiplayer Feature

Remote Play Together, Steam’s newest multiplayer feature, allows users to play their favorite couch co-op/party games with online friends in a brilliantly refreshing way.

Valve… good for you. 99.9% of my best childhood memories were spent shoulder-to-shoulder playing games for hours with my friends. You’re tapping into that nostalgia and making it easy for us to share these games with other people.

You’re able to “instantly share your Steam local multi-player games with friends over the internet, for free.” Now you may be thinking that each person has to own an individual copy of the game; but wait, Anthony Sullivan, there’s more! Only ONE person needs to own the game in order to play with friends. Steam’s website clarifies this: “Using Remote Play Together, one player owns and runs the game, then up to four players – or even more with fast connections – can quickly join in on the fun.” Also, If you didn’t think that was generous enough, Steam is running sales on most of the game library that’s eligible for Remote Play Together. I’m not crying tears of joy, you’re crying.

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99.9% likely to be found with a beer in one hand and a controller in the other.

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