Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Might Eventually Include Multiplayer After All… If The People Want It

If you’ve been reading this blog or listening to our podcast for any length of time, you know that I fucking love Mass Effect.

So much, in fact, that I can’t even begin to estimate how many hours I’ve spent playing the series and consuming the content around it. Books, the games themselves, comics, the goddamn mobile app minigames, you name it – I’ve done it.

In my opinion, a severely underrated part of Mass Effect 3 was its implementation of multiplayer. So, you could imagine my surprise when I found out that Mass Effect 3 (via the Legendary Edition), wouldn’t include multiplayer at all.

Well, in an interview with CNET earlier this week, Project Director Mac Walters had this to say:

I would never say no to that — we want to see what kind of reception the Legendary Edition gets and what the demand for the multiplayer is. And then we’ll ask ourselves if we have the resources and time to bring it up to the quality level we and fans want.

Mac Walters (Bioware) “Mass Effect director hopes Legendary Edition will change feelings about that infamous ending” – CNET

Lemme get some Ws in the chat boys and girls.

I loved these games so much, and the multiplayer was no different. Being able to customize and finally play as different alien species, and jump in co-op with your friends to beat down some aliens was just… Beautiful.

So, Mac – count me among the voices screaming “yes, I want this”. If you’re ready, I’m ready.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available tomorrow for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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