Head Into The Weekend With Dane Cook’s Call of Duty Story

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a long ass week, but we’re finally here.

I was just talking about Dane Cook with a couple of buddies, and ever since then have been on a tear going back through some of the biggest classics in his catalog. Dying laughing like it’s 2010 all over again. Truly timeless stuff. And, since technology is always listening to my brainwaves, I get in my car this morning and what should be on Sirius XM’s comedy channel? This gem.

I actually don’t think I had ever heard this one before this morning, but I was dying laughing all the same. Dane Cook’s like… 50 years old? There’s no shot his dad was in World War 2, right? Then he calls that out and says yeah I just had to lie real quick because nobody’s chomping at the bit to drop in to a game based on the Korean War.

Anyway, whatever you’re up to this weekend – and yes, that includes you Dane Cook – I hope you have a great one.

Papa Dom

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