Rockstar Games Should Really Hire 3D Artist Who Makes Unreal GTA Remasters

Every once in a while, YouTube’s algorithm gives me a banger – and today is one of those times.

3D artist and content creator “12th Hour” has been making gorgeous “remasters” of Grand Theft Auto scenes for a good long while now, and he seems intent at pulling out all the stops until he gets a job at Rockstar. And for real, buddy is swinging for the fences.

Millions of views over the last year at least, and that’s not even counting the other videos he’s doing that aren’t Grand Theft Auto related.

But do the remasters look any good? Why would Rockstar hire this random guy? Well, take a look for yourself.

That’s why.

Obviously these are absolutely gorgeous renders and remasters of games that lots of people already know and love, and you can’t doubt for a second that 12 Hour hasn’t poured his heart and soul into each one of these. This isn’t clickbait or some fraud video created just to drum up engagement… This dude is really fucking good at what he does, and I do genuinely hope that Rockstar reaches out to him.

Rockstar Games is famously secretive and basically a black box that no mere mortals can see in or out of, and I can’t ever remember them doing something like this… But then again, have any devs done something like this? Alls I’m saying is, if anyone out there is worthy of AT LEAST having a conversation with, it’s this guy 12th Hour.

Check out all his videos by going to his YouTube page through the embed above, the kid is seriously talented and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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