Alleged Rockstar QA Tester Leaks GTA 6 Info on Reddit

Rumors have been flying around about GTA 6 for years now. But in this case, it seems that there was someone who claimed to be a QA tester and worked on both RDR2 , and GTA 6. And decided to do an AMA on Reddit. Of course, I can’t claim that any of this is legit information, because I know just as much about this game as everyone else. The post was quickly deleted from Reddit moderators with no clear reason for removal. As of right now there hasn’t been any indication if GTA 6 is even being worked on, but if this Reddit superstar turns out to be legit, that could change.

If this turns out to be true, there are a few cool things that I pulled from this post. Of course, what’s cool is subjective.. This is just what stood out to me.

Two Sibling Protagonists

GTA 5 was notorious for giving you the ability to have 3 playable characters and I think Rockstar would be dropping the ball if they didn’t do that on their next one. In this GTA 6 leak, we get the info of “I do know that multiple protagonists are a thing, two of them might be siblings(?) One of them is an undercover cop or something(think Departed movie). Sounds bad ass from back here. Have a boots on the ground criminal and a crooked cop sibling to clean shit up.

Giant Map & Cities Based on Boston and Miami

Finally! A little love for Boston. The leaker even touched on a part of Boston, Charlestown, and talked about taking the blue line (subway) to the airport. Which as a Boston native, is accurate. You have to take the blue line to Airport station in Boston. So the accuracy is definitely there. And I’m pretty mind blown from that.

As for Miami, I’m more than cool with that. Give a little Vice City flavor back.

“But the map is huge, like stupendously huge, hence the game’s emphasis on air travel. It makes GTA 5 look like a schoolyard playground.”

I’m pretty sure we all knew that the next GTA map was gonna be huge. There was even a rumor years ago claiming it would be the whole United States. Which is hindsight is ridiculous but… GTA 6 is using the same engine as RDR2 so it looks like we’ll have some serious focus on realism and the aesthetics could be A1.

This would be super cool if true, but it’s so tough to tell with these GTA “leaks”. They come out so often so it’s tough to decipher what’s legit or not, but they’re definitely interesting to look into.

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One thought on “Alleged Rockstar QA Tester Leaks GTA 6 Info on Reddit

  • Trakker

    Vice City yet every video or image so far is from the map of GTA5 …

    GTA6 yet most videos and images are people playing or testing custom FiveM (GTA5) servers. Then stolen + posted into clickbait articles and videos.

    I was a developer / tester / player for couple of years on FiveM servers, I can tell when I see one.
    Most of these are GTA5 mods made by kids, nothing more nothing less.

    RSG doesn’t have a development department as of 2019 and most key people left even before that year in the span of 10 years they had less and less creative people onboard, mainly it is just maintance recycling old assets and outsourced ones too.

    You people should seriously get a life.


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