The Witcher is Successful: So What’s Next?

There is no doubt that the recent release of Netflix’s adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s, The Witcher, has been on a tear. There is a huge gap in current visual media for high fantasy shows now that Game of Thrones ended and The Witcher is fitting perfectly in. So much so that I binged the entire season in 24 hours and immediately purchased The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt when I got finished. Not only does The Witcher resonate with fans of the franchise, it is easily accessible to fans of high fantasy and more importantly, gamers in general. We have some Game of Thrones prequels/spin offs on the horizon as well as Amazon Prime’s, The Wheel of Time series; which is absolutely incredible if you need a solid book series to read after Game of Thrones. Come join me in Dr. Bob’s Speculation Configuration, and let us come up with some videogame franchises that could translate well to TV following the success of The Witcher.

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I feel like it could be tough to turn the huge worlds of the Dark Souls franchise into a show, but narrowing the scope down could certainly make it possible. Instead of following in the footsteps of your playable character, maybe focus around some of the lore. I am sure fans would love to see something about Solaire of Astora and to get more of a background on his ventures. We could also delve deeper into the story of Artorias, when he was one of Gwyn’s knights and finally get to see more of Artorias and Sif together.

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Pre 2018, Bethesda was considered to be the kings of creating some of the best open world RPGs ever. The Fallout franchise seems easy enough especially in a time where post apocalyptic shows are basically on every single network right now. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility to see a live action adaptation on Netflix of post nuclear America. Cast Charlie Hunnam and his incredible abs as the vault dweller, throw in half decent actors for important NPCs, get some solid practical effects for ghouls and humanoid creatures, and do what The Witcher did and CGI some of the larger monsters, like the DeathClaws, in. This is probably a given, but they could even do a Skyrim show. Skyrim, the game that will cross 3 console generations and is playable on smart fridges and through Alexa devices is a must. Let Jason Momoa play The DragonBorn and let me make you a shit ton of money. If From Software, Bethesda, Netflix, Amazon or any other platform want to make even more money, my DMs are always open.

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