World’s Most Lovable Beefcake Henry Cavill Goes On-Air To Profess His Love For PC Gaming

So Henry Cavill is basically on a roll right now. The guy’s seeing tons of success and love from gaming fans with The Witcher on Netflix, he’s literally Superman in the flesh, and just when you think he’s out of tricks, the world’s most lovable beefcake reloads his arms and drops some more heat on us.

How about Clark Kent just casually dropping by the Rich Eisen show to drop some gaming knowledge right in his eye? Eisen tries to flex a bit saying he “knows a guy who owns an esports team” but ends up looking like everyone’s boomer uncle saying he has no idea what he’s looking at when he watches an esports matchup.

Henry “My President” Cavill on the other hand, goes on to speak lovingly about his PC gaming habits, his love of the Witcher series, and how gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Man of Steel just doing Man of Steel things. You love to see it.

Papa Dom

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