25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: Gaming Wish Lists Are Your Key To Holiday Success

Before we get into this blog about gift giving, consider giving the gift of charity this year to a kid in need. All info in the tweet below.

As kids, we wrote letters to Santa Claus. I don’t know what kids these days are doing (do they email him? send Tik Toks? I don’t know how the internet works anymore), but I think we’re all missing out on a key feature for holiday success that’s right under our noses… Wish Lists.

No, I’m not talking about your favorite e-girl’s wish list in her Twitter bio (Chris), I’m talking about gaming wish lists. Every major gaming platform has a Wish List feature, in which gamers can add titles, expansions, and other items to a list if they want them.

Here’s a few resources on how to find out what your favorite family shut-in is hoping to find under their tree this year, organized by platform (because I care!).


Xbox’s Wish List, linked here is probably the easiest to find… Provided you have access to your friend’s GamerTag. There was once a setting to share these lists, but it looks like that’s been done away with (for whatever reason).

If you do find your friend’s wish list, or if you know a game that they’re dying for, you can gift one right from the online Xbox marketplace. Just punch in their GamerTag and get to gifting.


PlayStation’s is even harder to find, so I’ve included the screenshot above. PushSquare reported that the PS Store re-added the Wish List functionality alongside the PS5’s release, so tell your favorite PlayStation die-hard to fill up that Wish List so you can go to town.


PC is where things get a little more complicated. There are several PC platforms, but Steam is the most popular. You may also have someone in your life who purchases games through the Epic Games Store or GOG. For the sake of the blog, let’s stick with Steam.

As long as you know someone’s Steam handle, you can find their list pretty easily using the video above.


Last but not least, there’s Amazon. Amazon wish lists are stupid easy to find, and you might even ask someone to share theirs with you if you really want to make sure you’re getting the right thing.

At the end of the day, you could even buy digital Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam gift cards for someone directly through Amazon, which is a surefire way to make sure A.) you can’t fuck up their gift and B.) that the funds will go to good use.

That’s all for today. If you want specific games for the holidays, don’t be shy about asking. And if you’re looking to surprise someone with a game they might really want, it never hurts to ask friends (or even their pals in Discord). Happy gifting!

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