Did My Wife Just Tell Me We Could Buy Three More Gaming PCs? (A WGG Investigative Report)

Great moments are born from great opportunities. That’s what we’ve got here tonight, boys.

Earlier today, the good folks over at Wicked Good Gaming on Twitter posted the following wholesome video of a dad gaming with his kids:

Unreal, right? Some wholesome fatherhood content here, with a dad sharing his favorite pastime with his kids. What makes me think that gaming is his favorite pastime? Might have something to do with the 10 grand or so worth of gaming PCs in that room.

Anyway, I figured I’d toss this over to my wife. We’ve already got all my gaming equipment downstairs in my office, and I’m positive that she’s already well aware that I’ll be gaming with our future kid(s), but I didn’t expect landing clearance like this.


Alright, so was this a direct invitation to purchase three more gaming PCs? Not really. But it wasn’t not an invitation.

Listen, we plan on starting a family at some point in the near future, so these are the things you’ve gotta plan for. Gotta make sure I’ve got enough monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, RGB strips, you name it. I feel like two kids is just enough, and three is way too many (just like martinis), so maybe we’ll only need three PCs in total. Who’s to say.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go open up a baby registry.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Big time risky play for dad to have his Crocs in 4X4 mode right here. Gotta keep those puppies in Sport Mode just in case one of the kiddos loses to a hacker and sprints away to start a tantrum.

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