Timthetatman Compares A Potential Halo Infinite Battle Royale to a Thanksgiving Dinner

Timthetatman. The guy loves a good Thanksgiving meal, he loves Halo Infinite so far, and he’ll tell you all his favorite parts of both.

Just watch.

I agree with Timmy Tenders here. I too, love mac and cheese. Not everybody has it for Thanksgiving, but it should be at every table. I decided to take Tim’s analogy a step further, however, and lay out the dinner table with every aspect of Halo Infinite thus far. Hope you’re hungry.

Battle Royale – Mac and Cheese

Yes, I know. Halo doesn’t have a battle royale right now, just as not every dinner table has mac and cheese. It’s been said for a very long time that Halo could really use a Battle Royale to revitalize the series, but the majority of the people saying that Halo needed a battle royale at launch are eating their words right now while watching how successful the game’s early launch has been so far.

So yes, mac and cheese is delicious. Yes, battle royales are fun. Will it make or break Thanksgiving (or Halo) if it doesn’t make it to the table? My belief is no. Would it be super delicious if we did end up seeing 343 whip up some delicious, creamy, cheesy battle royale goodness? You bet your ass.

Gameplay – Stuffing

This is the good stuff right here. The gunplay you know and love, maps that are mostly pretty balanced but keep you guessing, everything just feels so good. You don’t eat stuffing all the time – just like you probably haven’t played Halo in a while before Infinite came out. Everyone was all horned up a few days ago for some classic Halo gameplay, god knows it’s just been so long. Just like you’ll be on Thursday when you see the fresh bowl of Stove Top steaming on the table. You know it, you love it, and you have no problem throwing hands with your relatives to get some more of it. Fuck yeah, stuffing.

Customization – Turkey

You expect customization, it’s as much a part of Halo as it is to Thanksgiving. Right now, it’s lacking. If you bought up a bunch of Halo-branded products to grab armor coating codes in the last few months, good for you. If you bought the premium battle pass (like I did), you’ve got some healthy options for customization right off the rip. But, just like most turkey, the customization on day one for Halo Infinite is pretty dry, and could really use some spicing up. My expectation is that once the campaign releases, players will be able to actually earn more rewards from actually playing the game.

Esports Scene – Mashed Potatoes

Oh yeah, we’re feeling good about this too. Everyone’s got mashed potatoes on the table, every AAA shooter has some sort of an esports scene. But when you get to the table and that shit is looking extra good? Like you know your aunt put some extra love into it? It’s buttery, it’s smooth, it’s delicious, and you’ve been excited to dig right in? That’s Halo Esports right now. HCS is ON FIRE right out of the gate, and has already been pulling viewership numbers that most likely is making CDL organizers and shareholders shake in their boots.

Campaign – Dessert

I cannot wait for Halo Infinite’s campaign. Every impressions video I’ve watched has looked incredible, and for a campaign that will arrive for $60 without multiplayer or other modes to back it up (since Infinite’s multiplayer is free, we won’t count it), you’ve gotta expect that 343 is pulling some incredible stuff outta the oven. It’s still cooking, but I can smell it from the other room baking in the kitchen and I just already know it’s going to be delicious.

Battle Pass – Cranberry Sauce

Every table’s got it on Thanksgiving. It’s DOG SHIT.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and what’s your favorite part of Halo Infinite so far?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

P.S. – #VerifyWipz

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