Limit Maximum Has “Freakishly High Hopes” For Riot Games’ Upcoming MMO

Maximum, GM and Raid Leader of Complexity Limit, is an authority when it comes to MMO games. And that’s me putting it extremely lightly.

Complexity Limit is the best World of Warcraft raiding guild in the world, and is comprised of some of the most talented and dedicated players of all time. Max being their leader should already speak volumes about the guy’s reputation, so needless to say when he talks about being hyped for an upcoming MMO, you should sit down and listen.

It’s tough for me to get excited about a game that I know absolutely nothing about. Hell, it’s tough for me to get it up for games I know everything about, since so many AAA titles these days end up releasing dead on arrival, falling short of expectations, or are bogged down with delays or controversy. Max knows this, and offered a point-by-point rationale on why many of these factors may not impact Riot’s mysterious MMO project like it does for so many other titles like it.

Infrastructure/Money Investment – Many MMOs and other big releases are reliant on investment capital, and will often feel the pressure from investors to release the game before it is ready to recoup on their money. Riot Games doesn’t have this problem and already has an insane share of the gaming market, so will not be impacted by this nearly as much.

Creating a World People Care About/Want To Live In – This is League we’re talking about. One of the most watched, played, and talked about games and esports on the planet. Riot has absolutely no problem here, since the MMO will be based in a world that millions of people already care about and love dearly.

Having Someone at the Helm Who Knows Their Shit – This one is pretty self explanatory, but having someone leading the creation of your MMO who knows the genre and the business is ESSENTIAL. Enter Blizzard emeritus Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street – who is undoubtedly best known for his work on World of Warcraft’s most beloved expansion – Wrath of the Lich King. Ghostcrawler is partially responsible for what many consider to be WoW’s pinnacle, and the fact that he’s heading up this Riot project should absolutely be discussed more heavily.

People Guaranteed To Buy In – This is similar to his previous point, but a big part of an MMO’s initial success is a reliable base of players (and content creators) who you know for a fact are going to buy the game on day one. Enter here – as Max says – every fucking League player. Not only that, but content creators who are massive MMO fans and have proven in the past to stream that genre to their audience. Riot has an amazing foundation and fanbase already, one that should serve the MMO well once it launches.

So yeah, we barely know anything about Riot’s upcoming MMO, but Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is coming later this year. This will be another new genre to venture into for the League universe, so it’s popularity should give us a good idea on just how loyal Riot’s fanbase is.

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