Armed Muggers Using Pokemon GO Beacons to Find Victims

Yeah, I know we’ve been posting a shit ton about Pokemon GO but this game is turning your hometown into a war zone.


In particular, one major social aspect of the game—its “beacon” function—has already been taken advantage of in the city of O’Fallon, Missouri. That city’s police department made a statement on Sunday morning confirming that a group of four armed men had used the app to lure victims to a specific place, at which point they mugged the unknowing Pokémon Go players. –


What is a beacon in Pokemon GO you may ask. Well this is when Pokemon GO players try to lure in more Pokemon which in return will draw in more players.

People are getting so creative now. It used to be “hey want some candy?” Now people are going out of their way to hunt down a damn beacon to scoop up, and mug people. Players are going to be walking around catching Pokemon strapped up now because you never know what sicko is trying to get you when you’re just out trying to catch a Clefairy.


pokemon go beacon


The suspects, whose identities have not yet been released, were apprehended early Sunday after officers found them inside a vehicle, in possession of a handgun, shortly after responding to a report of an armed robbery, the O’Fallon Police Department said. 


I watched a video last night of a grown man crying that this game changed his life for the better. And believe me I can see why. Me personally? It’s just a fun game and forces me to stop being a lazy piece of shit and go walk around a little bit. Not going to lie, I drop an incense and lay in bed sometimes and hope for the best. Counter productive.

But seriously. Using a video game to target mug victims is low. Really, really low. And to be honest I hope your creepy van blows up.

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