I Can’t Tell If I Love or Hate The Minecraft x PUMA Collab

In the world that we live in now, you always have to expect the unexpected. And if I told you I expected an Animal Crossing x Puma collaboration a few months ago, I’d be lying. But I have to give flowers where they’re deserved, and the collection was actually hot magma fire.

I didn’t end up copping anything because I can’t bring myself to buy clothes, but also have no problem spending $30 a day on DoorDash instead of driving 10 minutes to pick it up and save $20. But that’s besides the point.

But Puma has moved on to a bigger fish.. Minecraft.

Old me would have ripped into this collaboration – and part of me still wants to. So I’ll do it delicately. They’re alright, but they’re giving off big Etnies or DC vibes. They look chunky. I do think if you have the right swagger you could rip these with some jeans and a white T. I’m definitely not those guys because as of the time of writing, I’ve been in the same hoodie for 4 days. Not mad about it, just a miniscule amount of swag, and a massive amount of laziness to care about my appearance.

They’ll sell like hot cakes, I have no doubt about it. The Minecraft community is something else, and to be honest I’m pretty scared of them so I’m tip toeing around this sentence.

If you see someone at the local bar rocking these, buy them a beer. Shoutout Minecraft Steve.

These bad boys will release on February 5th.

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