Do We Fire Or Promote BostonBrad For Cyberbullying Chris Like This?

We’ve been signed to Dexerto for like, 6 days. Maybe. If that. And here we are, less than a week into the next chapter of our lives, and Chris is already getting fucking shelled on the Twitter streets.

And by our very own BostonBrad no less!

Now, the context of this tweet is not important, but it is worth noting that Chris clearly engaged first. Him getting absolutely obliterated when Brad clapped back was just an unfortunate occurrence. Like you ever see a volleyball match, when a player returns a serve with a spike and it smacks directly off the server’s face? This was like that.

Props to Chris for staying down for the ten count when he knew he was beaten, though. Pretty impossible to come back from something like this and save face.

And also, just like at the end of a Rocky movie when Sly helps up the guy he just beat down, Brad offers this reassurance of where his loyalties lie:

Its the name on the front of the jersey, folks. Not the name on the back.

Papa Dom

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