“The Yard” 6v6 Mode For Madden 21 Has Finally Been Confirmed, Looks Like I’m Buying Madden This Year

While this was rumored a few months ago, and many probably got all their excitement about – EA Sports has officially confirmed that Madden NFL 21 will feature a new 6v6 mode called “The Yard”.

The Yard looks like it’ll bring more fast-paced, stylish, flashy, hopefully arcade-y football back to a gaming screen near you. I’m a HUGE fan of the NFL Street series, and it looks like this is EA’s way of telling the fans “we hear you”, and giving the people what they want.

While this isn’t a full NFL Street title, it looks like we’re getting the best of both worlds all-in-one. You can fully customize your player, including flashy new colorways and spins on regular uniforms. I absolutely love the vibe here, and cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Madden 21 drops on August 25th, and I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I’m gonna be buying it.

Papa Dom

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