Nintendo Direct 9/4 Rundown

Folks, another Nintendo Direct has come and gone – which means there’s an absolutely overwhelming amount of information to catch up on and attempt to digest. As our resident Nintendo guy, I have made a valiant effort to document and react to all the news that mattered to me personally. Will my priorities be the same as yours? Maybe. Will my opinions on what’s great and what isn’t align with every other Nintendo Direct rundown you read? Probably not. In any case, here’s the rundown for Nintendo’s 9/5 Direct. Enjoy.

The Good

  • ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS: Looks goddamn GORGEOUS. We got almost five minutes of brand new gameplay, which focused on crafting, exploration, and tons of other goodies. You can even play with up to four players on one Switch simultaneously – or with up to eight players online. If you don’t think me and Chris are gonna spend the rest of our lives just fishing and picking cherries together, you’re outta your tree. I’m already absolutely infatuated with this game, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. The fact that we have to wait so goddamn long is literally brutal.
  • POKÉMON SWORD/SHIELD: The new gameplay shown off in yesterday’s direct highlighted one of my favorite parts of the more recent Pokémon titles: the customization. It looks like we’ll have the most deep customization ever seen in the series, which is never a bad thing.
  • PORTS ON PORTS: Nintendo announced a TON of new ports yesterday, exactly zero of which I could have predicted. Titles include Deadly Premonition 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Doom 64, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, and…
  • OVERWATCH: Blizzard’s insanely popular hero shooter is coming to Switch. Is anybody going to play this on Switch in any competitive manner? Probably not. But hey – its a cool novelty for casual players or folks who still haven’t sunk their teeth into the game (like myself).

The Meh

  • SNES/NES PORTS (AGAIN): I’m sure people are going to be weirded out that I put this under the “meh” column, but I’m not exactly over the moon about this. Sure, it’s a great thing, the library is pretty robust, and its free with your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but I can’t see myself spending a ton of time playing these games.
  • FATAL FURY’S TERRY IN SMASH: I just can’t be bothered to really get jazzed up about an SNK character whose game I’ve maybe played twice – but I’m sure some people are flipping their shit over this. At least its not another anime sword-guy.

The Weird

  • KIRBY RPG… KINDA: “Super Kirby Clash” was announced, a four player class-based boss rush game where each player creates their own Kirby, owns a specific role, and crafts new weapons and items to buff up their Kirby. The game supports local and online co-op, and is “free to start” right now.
  • POKÉMON CAMP: As with every game in the series, there’s gotta be a weird new gimmick. In Sword and Shield, you’ll be able to settle down anytime at your own Pokémon Camp, in which you can interact with your Pokémon, watch them interact with one another, and even visit other players’ camps at the same time with up to four total players – which instantly makes this the most social Pokémon title ever if we aren’t counting GO. The strangest thing about this Camp? The cuisine. Pokémon Camp has an odd focus on Curry Rice, which is the cuisine you’ll be cooking while camping out in the wild. There’s even a “Curry Dex”, which will track the 100+ Curry recipes in the game… Cool?

All in all, Nintendo gave us a charcuterie board of new information on first party titles, shocking third-party ports, AAA games that somehow work on the Switch, and lots of new gameplay for pretty much all of the above. What’d you think of the Direct? Yell at us on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames, or yell at me tonight LIVE on Not Another Gaming Podcast at 9PM Eastern at the Twitch link below.

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