Clayster and HECZ Talk if Substitutes Are Useless for the CDL?

I was doing my normal YouTube deep dive today and ended up watching a the most recent episode of The Eavesdrop Podcast hosted by HECZ, and his guest was Clayster – professional Call of Duty player.

HECZ brought up a really good point about how this being the first year the league has subs and how will work. How are you going to pick who starts? Are you really going to sub someone out and potentially throw the whole flow of the team off? Will the comms be as cohesive? It really makes you think if there is even a reason for substitutes.

Topic Starts at 45:15

My argument starts off by saying, this is how teams work in traditional sports now. Everyone has their chemistry with one another, some more than others of course – but it’s up to the team to make sure everyone is on the same page. And if that means you have to come off the bench once in every 10 matches, so be it. When you get that match, play your heart out for that starting spot. You have to just be ready for the call and execute.

Clayster said: “traditional sports have decades and decades of cultural coaching to build them up and do whatever is best for the team. And if the coach thinks you sitting on the bench is that, than that’s what is best for the team. But that’s not how COD is right now. It’s very egotistic. We’re the best at what we do…”

Which I totally believe is true don’t get me wrong. These players aren’t necessarily used to the subbing game. But it’s what is going to have to happen. You have to mold people to be specialists at what they do. And that’s when they get subbed in to get the job done. In basketball, if there’s someone who can’t keep up with a big man, you sub someone in that can lock him down a little better. It’s whatever it takes to win. It’s up to the big names and the starters to get ok with it because it won’t work unless they do.

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