Fornite Streamer “MrDeadMoth” Escapes Jail Sentence For Attacking Pregnant Girlfriend on Stream

Fortnite streamer Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday, attacked his pregnant girlfriend while streaming on Twitch. Munday’s girlfriend was extremely pregnant with their third child and asked him to come to dinner. This of course distracted him from his game and caused him to lose his mind; all in front of his two children. Munday escaped a jail sentence after he claimed his actions were in “excessive self-defense.”

Munday’s girlfriend has also been charged with two counts of common assault, domestic violence assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and contravening a domestic AVO.

“He’s disgusted with his behavior, he’s ashamed,” his lawyer said. “It is irresponsible behavior. He takes complete responsibility for what occurred. He sobbed, and wept when he saw messages of abuse from the public.”

This makes my blood boil. How the fuck can this kid get off after there being concrete, and disgusting proof of him hitting and shoving his pregnant partner? You’re live streaming, and get so black out angry you can’t control yourself. This is the telltale sign that you have some loose screws. Oh I sympathize so much with you so much MothMan. I can only imagine how irritating it is to have a girl at home that wants you to come eat the dinner she just made for you while you sat on your ass and played video games. Oh the tough life you live. Who raised you? A girlfriend that is holding your third child? If this doesn’t scream fucked-up-in-the-head, I don’t know what will.

“Excessive Self Defense” is the most ridiculous terminology I’ve ever heard. Self defense is one thing, whne you have to protect yourself, and once you are safe, you stop. Excessive self defense sounds like you’re able to protect yourself, and then stand over the other person and continue to beat their teeth in. Blame it on the way I was raised, but you never put a hand on a woman. And claiming this was self defense is ludicrous. I hope this kid lives a shitty life, I truly do.

Munday was sentenced to a 14-month community corrections order at Picton Local Court on Wednesday morning.

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