CJ Voice Actor From GTA Pissed at Rockstar for Not Hiring Him for GTA 6

Voice actor of CJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Chris Bellard, AKA Young Maylay, is a rapper, producer and actor from LA California. He took to Instagram following some GTA 6 “news” to share his thoughts about Rockstar and the upcoming game. To say the least, he’s pissed that he won’t be in GTA 6… When it hasn’t even been announced yet.

Well, as we all know.. GTA 6 hasn’t been confirmed at all so I feel like this anger might be a little premature and bashing Rockstar publicly will probably ruin any chance of you being hired again. But, if the rumors are somewhat true, CJ wouldn’t even have a part in GTA 6? Am I missing something here? I would agree that if CJ came along again, I wouldn’t want him voiced by anyone other than the OG CJ. That just wouldn’t be right.

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