25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: I Would’ve Killed For Mario Toys When I Was A Kid

Before we get into this blog about toys, let’s make sure no kid has to go without a toy this year, eh? Click the link.

When I was a kid, I’d have KILLED for more Mario toys. I loved video games, sure, but I also was still very much into action figures and LEGO for a while. My two main interests rarely (if ever) crossed paths, aside from the only Mario toys I can remember which were found in kids meals from Wendy’s.

These days, however, Mario’s got all kinds of products out there. LEGO sets, action figures, board games, hell – even Mario Kart Hot Wheels tracks.

Making no exaggeration here whatsoever, I think I’d have had a full blown heart attack if I unwrapped something like that on Christmas Day when I was a kid. Luckily, now I have nephews so I can buy these amazing toys for us them to enjoy.

Did I go onto Target’s website and buy pretty much every product in that series for my nephew? Yes. Will I most likely be responsible for helping him assemble it? 100%. Am I gonna have the time of my life right after that? You betcha.

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