Helldivers 2 Teases the Idea of a Possible Starship Troopers Crossover

If you’ve ever seen Starship Troopers, you’d recognize many similarities between the satirical elements and tone in Helldivers 2. From diving out of space on alien planets to kill insectoid beasts, the comedic propaganda, and the friendly fire with gore galore. It’s the same over-the-top vibe that Starship has. According to Google Trends, since the release of Helldivers 2, Starship Troopers has skyrocketed in popularity. People have been sharing clips with memes of the movie alongside hilarious clips of the game. Only further driving the popularity of both franchises.

Recently, the CEO of Arrowhead, the studio that makes Helldivers 2 tweeted out an edit of the same “Death from Above” tattoo featured in Starship Troopers. Casper Van Dien, the star of the 1997 cult classic replied “Maybe we should do a crossover movie?!” with the game’s official account responding “You’d make a great General Brasch.” the star general of the Helldivers universe.

In Helldivers 2 The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug

In some way, this teases that Arrowhead is at least interested in some sort of crossover with the Starship Troopers franchise. It’s time for those copyright lawyers to get on the phone because this feature would be a blast! What other major franchise could the game take from, other than the material that inspired it in the first place?

Helldivers 2 shows that smaller-budget AA and indie games are dominating the gaming sphere. Even to the point where they are outselling each other. Until recently, Arrowhead has been suffering from that success with its servers at capacity since launch. However, people are now able to play with minimal issues as server problems have been clear since Friday evening. Arrowhead tweeted that day with the good news, reporting that server capacity has been raised and adjustments have been made.

Are you doing your part in defending Super Earth from the bugs and automatons? Dive in this week and stay tuned here on Wicked Good Gaming for more Helldivers 2 news!


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