The Day of Giving, hosted by Logan “Pokémon” Paul

Logan Paul, ex-vine star, boxing main draw, internet personality, NFT collector & Pokémon mogul has gotten into the Christmas spirit of giving. In just a couple hours time, Logan will be giving away an entire Pokémon 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box. Let’s dig into the details of this holiday surprise.

All info can be found at, but I attached the juicers above for easier reading.

Logan announced earlier this week that he purchased a “sealed” case of 6 Pokémon 1st Ed Boxes for a total price of $3.5million. HOLY GUACAMOLE! Rewind to this past February, he had spent $2million total on 6 Pokémon 1st Ed Boxes. For those of you not following the math, that’s a 75% rise in 11 months. A thing to note is that this might be the only “sealed” case in the entire world of Pokémon 1st Ed, the first english boxes ever produced. With only roughly 100 boxes left in the entire world, Logan Paul now has himself 11.

Still a few questions emerge as we grow closer to the event, and none other than Shaun from Squeaks Game World has addressed them here

So like Shaun asks above, is he actually giving away one of his own boxes? Did his own investment WhatNot get a box themselves so Logan could help endorse it to promote further downloads? Will bots snag them all before a true Pokémon trainer get a fair chance? Only a short amount of time will tell.

Will anyone care that Logan’s not using his own box if that’s the case, probably not. I certainly don’t. It’d be a big game play of WhatNot to spend that much for advertising on Christmas. Either way, I’m super excited & I’m sure many others will be eager to get a chance at glory from the new King of Pokémon.


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