Preview of Boston’s CDL Roster? Unsigned CoD Pros Beat OpTic Twice

There hasn’t been a ton of new concrete information since Oxygen Esports and Kraft Sports announced their partnership a few weeks ago, but rumors have been swirling heavily about Boston’s CDL team name – as well as it’s roster.

Over the past week, one consistent squad has been scrimming with (and more often than not – beating) actual signed CDL teams. That squad consists of Methodz (formerly signed to Toronto Ultra), TJHaly (f. LA Thieves), Nero (f. NYSL Mayhem – the Subliners’ CoD Mobile team), and Capsidal (most recent CDL Challengers winner).

Nero and Capsidal are just 19 years old and have never appeared in the CDL before. Capsidal does have previous experience playing with Denz, who has just been announced as Boston CDL’s GM. As far as Methodz and TJHaly, they were both recently benched and subsequently released by Toronto Ultra and LA Thieves, respectively. Nero was previously on the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team, but hasn’t been called up to the big stage… Yet.

As you can see, the lads are already having a hell of a time for themselves, with Methodz casually courting Pokimane in between scrims versus OpTic Texas earlier today. You might be thinking to yourself – “Dom, if he’s spending time sliding into Pokimane’s IG, there’s no way this squad can be taken seriously, right?”


This is the second time this squad has beaten OpTic in the last week, winning 4-3 today and 5-2 on the 21st. They also split a series 4-4 with LA Thieves and defeated the Royal Ravens 5-3 on the 20th, but were defeated by London’s squad yesterday 4-3. So needless to say, Boston’s still-kinda-sorta-maybe up in the air squad looks really good already… And they’ve only been scrimming with one another for the last week and change.

Will Methodz, Nero, Capsidal, and TJHaly be your Boston Call of Duty League roster? Only time will tell. One thing we know for sure is that these guys are looking real good, and I think they’d look even better riding atop a few Duckboats while hoisting the 2022 CDL trophy.

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