Cue the Duckboats: Boston Breach Officially Unveiled as Call of Duty League’s 12th Franchise

Oxygen Esports and Kraft Sports have finally officially unveiled their Call of Duty League team branding and roster, putting an end to what might’ve been one of the worst-kept secrets in esports history.

The roster consists of Methodz, Capsidal, Nero, and TJHaly – a mix of newcomers and CDL veterans. If there’s any question on whether or not this team is determined to win, let’s check in with Methodz himself and get that out of the way right now.

If that isn’t enough for you, let me put it like this: Boston Breach’s roster will now call Patriot Place home. The house that some of the greatest minds, executives, and athletes in sports history have built, that’s the environment you’re crafting this brand new team in. The winning culture and championship history oozes from between every brick, every crack in the pavement, and everywhere you look. I may be biased as someone who was raised a Boston sports fan, but when you look back on the amount of accolades the city has amassed over the last two decades… You just can’t help but be inspired and want to not only live up to that legacy, but write a new chapter in it.

I’m hoping that Methodz, TJ, Nero, and Cap are just as excited as the fans are to welcome them to Boston, and I am beyond excited to see them kick off against none other than New York’s own Subliners when the CDL returns next month. I know who I’ll be rooting for, that’s for sure.

Let’s fucking go.

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