ESL Launches $500K Women’s CSGO Circuit and Talent Development Program

As a part of their GG For All initiative, ESL has partnered with Intel and other partners to launch a brand new Women’s CSGO Circuit that features $500,000 in prize money. The new circuit is backed by a Women’s Player Council and Talent Development program as well.

How can esports be the future if it still has one foot stuck in the past? What’s the point of global gaming if not everyone’s welcome to play? How long will we accept discrimination and toxicity is just a part of the game? #GGFORALL will launch a range of new initiatives designed to tackle discrimination, promote mental wellbeing and progress environmental sustainability in esports. Starting proudly with a new Global Women’s circuit in CS:GO supported by Intel and more partners joining soon.


This is obviously a massive move from ESL to increase the stability and visibility of the women’s esports scene, and we love to see it. This circuit’s women’s player council will be made up of players to have a more direct and focused channel for feedback to ESL to continue helping the scene grow. We also already know that ESL is working on talks with players and internal partners to figure out how to carve out a path for the winners of the women’s circuit to enter the ESL Pro Tour.

Every “traditional” sports league in the U.S. has a counterpart women’s league, but how little athletes in women’s leagues are paid compared to men is a frequent issue and point of contention. With ESL and Intel putting half a million dollars up for grabs on this new circuit, they’re putting REAL money into play for women in esports, and it’s truly great to see.

From payouts comparable to other major esports circuits, to programs dedicated to continue improving and building women’s esports programs and talent, to promising a path into the ESL Pro Tour for the winners – ESL has begun blazing a trail in esports once again, and I hope to see other major companies and orgs follow suit.

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