The New Esports and Gaming Hub in Abu Dhabi is Fucking Dumb

Al Qana, located in the heart of Abu Dhabi extending across 2.4 kilometres of the waterfront is one of the most unique and iconic destinations. It is going to get even better as Al Qana will incorporate a dedicated esports and VR gaming complex in the name of ‘Pixel’ hub. Al Barakah International Investment is the developer of the project while Robocom VR will be the sole provider of the content and technology for the hub. The project, once completed it will be utilised to host tournaments as well as arcade area which will be run by “gamers for gamers”. Also, it will serve as the first-ever certified esports academy for the region. “Our partnership with Robocom VR will position PIXEL as one of the most sought-after VR and esports destinations in the UAE,” added Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah International Investment. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is evaluated to be a $4.5 billion industry with gamers exceeding the count of 100 million already. “We will provide an opportunity for gamers to grow and develop their professional talent to compete in international competitions,” said Karim Ibrahim, CEO of Robocom VR. “We are excited to reveal gamers’ heaven, the most integrated gaming experience at Al Qana Abu Dhabi, for the UAE and the rest of the world.”

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I know you say the title – hehe click bait? No. This is fucking DUMB. And not dumb as in the idea is stupid. I’m talking like dumb as in it’s so fucking sick I can’t wrap my mind around it. Look at this location. I look out my window at the side of another house and a bunch of trash barrels that smell like a carcass when it’s hot out. How am I supposed to game like this?? These people will have to ability to look out into the waterfront as their grind their favorite games. Talk about vibes.

For the people who played sports when they were younger.. Remember when you used to play at your favorite field or court? This is going to be that facility for esports tournaments. The big stage in Abu Dhabi.

Something to not get swept under the rug.. The gaming industry in Middle East and North Afrida (MENA) region is valued at $4.5 billion. So once again.. North America… Esports have a long way to go…

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