Xfinity Users in the US Get Can Get a Free Black Ops Cold War Beta Code

Comcast Xfinity has announced a partnership with Activision to provide Early Access Beta codes for Xfinity customers in the US. Xfinity announced the news on their website, stating that customers who are subscribed to an Xfinity service can request a beta code that get early access during the two Early Access Periods. Through a collaboration with Activision, all Xfinity customers are being given early access to the Open Beta of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alongside those who have already pre-ordered the game; three days before its opened up for everyone. Beginning today, Xfinity customers can visit and register for a unique code. Early Access to the Open Beta, first on PlayStation®4, is from October 8-9. PlayStation®4 Open Beta is from October 10-12. Early Access on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation®4 is from October 15-16. Open Beta on all eligible


Super easy. Bing, bang, boom and I have access to the Open Beta. I’m so glad I pre-ordered the game to get early access! If I knew that I would have finally gotten something from spending $800 dollars a month for no channels and mediocre Wi-Fi, I would have probably held off a bit long. Oh well! Once again, take my money Call of Duty. Luv u

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