Streamer Has First Ever Fart Mic. Tries it out. Shits Himself Live on Stream

Twitch streamer AmericanDad got crafty for his most recent stream with a fart mic. A pretty sensitive microphone, held around the anus, ready to pick up on any flatulence released. Who doesn’t like a good fart? I don’t think it matters how old you get, you’ll always giggle at a fart. But… this wasn’t just a fart. It was a shart.

My man AmericanDad. Goes for the rip of the century and fills his pants with dookie live on stream. That was the wettest fart I’ve ever heard. You can literally hear the shit slapping his underwear. When I said people giggle at farts, I meant it. But people (me) laugh uncontrollably when someone soils themselves. Call me childish I don’t care. It’s funny. I mean, look at his face. Does this look like the face of a grown man that just shit himself? Yes. Yes it does.

Chris P.

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