Pissed Off Mother Demands Xbox Refund After Hackers Bought 36,000 FIFA Points With Her Credit Card on Her Sons Account

Lesley Urwin of Moray, has been chasing Microsoft for almost a year for a refund from fraudulent purchases on her son’s Xbox. When it was first reported, Microsoft ruled that there was no evidence. Some real professional shit going on. These hackers must be the real deal. These thieves used Lesley’s credit card to buy three rounds of 12,000 points worth £79.99 each. The hottest commodity out there right now. This must be a crime ring that is going on that this poor woman was targeted to be the next victim of.

Lesley Urwin is the mother of three and the three boys all share the same Xbox. She knew something was up on March 22 last year when Xbox emailed her to confirm their purchase. The crooks went on to buy two more. What a frame job! Three sons, three rounds of points? Genius!

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Lesley explained to The Daily Record, that her three boys have had no Xbox live in nearly a year as a result to this because she won’t let them on – and she is fed up and wants to warn others. This is NOT RIGHT. The boys are cut off from Xbox for a year? All because some low life hackers were able to weasel into their system and ball out on FIFA points? It’s just not right.

I hope they find this bastard that is spending Lesley’s money and causing the boys to not be able to play Xbox. It’s a shame that there are people out there that could do such a thing.

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